St Nicholas Is A Special Place: Fall Stewardship Campaign Begins

It was quite early on a Wednesday morning, around 5:15am that the fog had blanketed the entire area.  I drove, carefully and slowly while others who obviously were in a greater hurry than I sped past.  The entire trip was an adventure.  The sun had not risen and with the fog, it was still quite dark.  Mind you, I’ve been driving for 43 years and feel like I have pretty good control of what to do behind the wheel.  Yet, the fog on that particular Wednesday morning sort of got the better of me.  The truth is that I’ve been in a bit of an ’emotional fog’ of late.  Darkness is not just an element of the external world but can very much dwell within, too.

And as fate would serve, as I exited Rt. 53 and onto Biesterfield Road did the fog finally and fittingly clear.  The sun was burning the fog away and such beautiful and welcoming beams of light now guided me toward my desired destination.  As I pulled into the driveway of St. Nicholas, the entire building was bathed in such a warm, mellow glow…I was home.

All houses of worship are special.  Our church is certainly no different and we would all concur…St. Nicholas is a special place.  It is where we gather to give our thanks to the Lord and to share the gifts of the Sacraments of the Church, in particular, Holy Communion; the body and blood of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus the Christ.  Our church is not just a building.  No, it is far more than that.  True it is that our facility consists of brick, mortar, steel and glass.  However and graciously so, our church is sealed, sanctified and protected through the grace and power of the Holy Spirit.

As the season of summer slowly fades into history and autumn is all but born, we prepare ourselves for our annual St. Nicholas Stewardship Campaign.  Certainly with prayer and optimism, it is my fondest hope that all of us ponder, pray upon and consider how each of us can best assist our church, our spiritual home to not just survive, but to grow, blossom and flourish.  Please, if there are questions or concerns regarding Stewardship, do not hesitate in inquiring.  I will do my best to assist or direct you to our ‘financial team’ which will best provide you the information requested.

For the next several weeks articles will be posted in News from Nick that will provide us both spiritual and practical explanations regarding the importance and need for our yearly, Stewardship Campaign. Talking finance is never an easy nor comfortable subject.  Yet, as we all manage our household accounts, so too do we care for our church home as we do our best at managing and maintaining our finances.  Each of us has our own set of circumstances which allows us to do what we can.  Please know this, I appreciate and understand that we all provide as we are able; whether we share financially, with our volunteering at church or engaging in the many ministry opportunities.  No one thing is more important than the other.  What matters most is we are part of this family of faith and we gather to worship, to give thanks and praise and to receive Jesus in the Holy Communion.  When we come together as a community of faith, as a church family, this, my sisters and brothers is what brings me true joy and peace.

In advance, please know, my dear and loving sisters and brothers just how much I appreciate and treasure each member of our church family.  The prayers, the support, the sacrifices made for the betterment of our church and for God’s greater glory never ceases to both amaze and humble me.  From my heart to yours, God bless and Thank You, one and all.

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