Our Children’s Program At St Nicholas

Our children’s program kicked off the new season and new curriculum – WorkshopCycles – on Sunday, October 7.  The kids could not have been more delightful as they pondered what Jesus might have been like when he was a child, like them.  We read and discussed the story about the time Jesus remained behind to talk with the elders in the temple – frightening his poor parents as they searched high and low for Him.  Then, the kids sanded, painted, and decorated wooden “treasure chests,” getting a modern-day sample of carpentry skills Jesus learned as a young apprentice to Joseph.  One of the things I like best about the WorskshopCycles curriculum is that each lesson has a hands-on component to help children experience the concept or story in a way that brings it to life for them.  The hands-on component means that, more than ever, we will welcome any extra guiding hands!

We moved the children’s program from during the liturgy to during the coffee hour for two main reasons:  First, we want to continue finding meaningful ways for the children to be involved in the main liturgy.  Second, we want parents and others to have the opportunity to share in the children’s journey to deeper faith and understanding.  Experiencing the activities together creates opportunities to continue the dialog long after clean-up.

Most months, we plan to have the children’s program on the first and third Sunday of the month, for 30-45 minutes after the 10:00 liturgy.  This month, however, I had a conflict on the third Sunday, so we will meet on the 4th Sunday – October 28 – instead.

By the way, I plan to have a “naming contest” for our children’s program.  So, talk with the children in your life, put on your creative thinking caps, and help us find a lively, inviting title.

As always, thank you for the warmth and support you show all the treasured youngsters of St. Nick.

– Val Gruenwald

Want To Learn About All This Church Stuff? Take Episcopal Church 101 This Sunday!

We never stop learning. There’s always some thing new to discover or perhaps ‘rediscover’ and appreciate in new lights and colors.

With this in mind, we welcome Deacon Tom Smith who will be sharing his knowledge with us about this entity we call the Episcopal Church. We shall begin this program starting this week, the first Sunday of Advent, November 27th after the 10am Liturgy. We’ll gather in the Noah’s Ark Room.

Bring your coffee, snacks and an open mind and heart as we delve deeper into a better and more enlightened understanding of our Church and our role in this community of faith. All are welcome!