St Nick’s Notes: 50th Anniversary Trivia Game!

Some 50th Anniversary Trivia:

1. Which former Vicar of St. Nicholas wrote a fine dining column?

2. Which two members of St. Nicholas once belonged to the same youth group while one was a member of the former St. Bede’s?

3. Who was a Vicar at both St. Bede’s and Holy Innocents?

4. How many clergy have come from St. Nicholas?

5. Which of those clergy in 4 above became a Bishop?

6. Which longtime St. Nicholas family will add to the joy of our anniversary celebration liturgy with the baptism of one of its members?

7. When was the first worship service held in the completed church building?

Stay tuned . . . answers next week.

Parish Profile: And We Are Online, People!

The link to the final version of the St Nicholas Parish Profile is below – it’s a GoogleDocs link, so look for more interesting things to show up. Like a spiffy new calendar

Like this nice picture here! The profile looks great, and the Parish Profile is beautiful, thanks to Hal Stratton’s hard work.

Link: St Nicholas Parish Profile (low-res PDF)

St Nicholas Figures

St Nicholas Figures by St Nicholas Episcopal

St Nicholas Figures, a photo by St Nicholas Episcopal on Flickr.

Someone has collected some St Nicholas figures for us all to enjoy; they are displayed in the worship space near the large icon of the good saint.

We’re proud of our patron, and this is a nice way to reclaim him from his current role as commercial spokesman and soft-drink salesman.

Everybody loves St. Nick, right? Right!

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