RUMMAGE SALE This Weekend: St Nick’s Knacks in Elk Grove Village IL

Our Annual Rummage Sale will take place on Friday, August 17 and Saturday, August 18, from 9AM to 3PM both days.

This is our major fundraiser for the year, and we need all hands on deck to make it a success.  How can you help?  We need:

  • Everyone to spread the word.  Go to our Facebook page and “join” the event and share with your friends. 
  • People to  let Manny know when they can spend an hour or two Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of the week of the sale to continue to organize and price.  
  • Everyone to sign up to volunteer on the dates of the sale.  We simply can’t have enough volunteers.  We  need cashiers for the main table and boutique room, floor walkers, greeters, baggers/wrappers. Click this link to sign up online.

Thank you, in advance!  The sale is a wonderful community-builder, and an opportunity to welcome people to St. Nicholas.  We guarantee you’ll have fun!  Most importantly, the whole idea is that everyone participate, however that’s possible for each person.
via News from St. Nicholas Episcopal Church