An Unexpected Treat

Bishop Persell was unable to be with us last Wednesday as preacher and presider at our combined service of Ascension Eve, and our prayers go out to him and to his wife Nancy. She was recovering from a recent medical procedure and Bp. Persell felt he needed to be at home with her.

However, we were in for a special treat; the Rev. Randall Warren, diocesan pastoral care officer, stepped in to preach a dynamic and exciting (and quite funny) homily. He preached on the literal incarnation of the Word and the church; how God breathes out and we breathe in, being inspired by Him. And how we breathe out and God breathes in, taking our praise and supplication.

Fr. Randall preached without notes, and he prowled about the chancel gesturing and telling personal stories illustrating his points about “doing” church, “being” church, welcoming people and leaving plenty of room for discourse between people of different beliefs. Fr. Randall is currently vicar of Christ the King in Lansing, IL.

The service was conducted by members and clergy from Holy Innocents, St Columba, Incarnation, St Bede, and St Nicholas. Far from being a solemn, “churchy” event, it was a fun evening of laughter, music… and some truly awesome desserts afterwards.

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