What Are Those Crazy Episcopalians Doing Now?


The people of Holy Innocents Episcopal Church processed around the neighborhood in celebration of Pentecost Sunday today, June 4th. Carrying a long, red banner, and with cross and burning incense carried before us, we walked along Thacker to Roselle and went north to Illinois Boulevard, waving to passing cars, laughing, talking, and attempting to sing while keeping hold of the banner.

Our crucifers, who took turns carrying the heavy processional cross while wearing cassock and surplice, were Earle and Chris. Our thurifer carrying the incense burner (the “thurible”), was Rob Bartlett. He occasionally swung the thurible in a complete circle over his head in response to shouts of “Rob! 360!” Our priest, Father Ted Durst, wore the ceremonial red cope appropriate for Pentecost, the “festival day” and was the anchor man in our little procession.

We laughed, talked, and waved to the people at the neighboring church and exchanged happy greetings with them on this glorious sunny Sunday. We marched along in the hot sun, occasionally cheering ourselves on and stopping to chat briefly with neighbors along the way. Then we returned to the church and enjoyed a picnic lunch outside, in the shade of one of our trees.

Holy Smokes

So if you were driving along Roselle Road or Illinois Boulevard that Sunday, and wondered what the parade of people in red shirts and formal church vestments was all about, you saw a community of faith, answering the call we are charged with every Sunday – to go out into the world in peace.

More pictures from the procession:

Father Ted Anchors The Procession

Fr. Ted Anchors The Procession

Fully vested and in the red cope, Ted appeared cool, calm and collected as he waved to passing cars. Next year, we need someone following behind with a cooler on wheels, fans, and accomodations to haul people who poop out halfway.



The leaders break away from the pack; they’re in full vestments and shade is within sight. The long red banner we all carried is visible; when we ran out of songs to sing, someone started singing ‘Red Sails in the Sunset.’

Wobbling To The Finish

Wobbling to The Finish

The processional cross got a bit wobbly as we walked; Chris did his best to tighten it but it needs a fitting screwed back in. He became quite wary of overhanging trees.

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