Naming Ourselves

We are in the process of deciding between 3 choices for the new name of our mission parish: Good Shepherd, One Bread One Body, and St Mary Magdalene. We’ve discussed the pros and cons of each identity, and we’ll make the final decision in a parish meeting on August 26th. It’s a process of discernment, not of politics. As Father Steve notes: “David Taylor is in charge of white smoke.”

2 thoughts on “Naming Ourselves

  1. Greetings–

    I understand what and why you are working at changing the church name. However, I’d just like to register an understandable regret. There are only 20 ECUSA St Nicholas churches in the US–one was lost a year ago and it saddens me to lose another. Nice that you aren’t closing, though. Will the dedication to St Nicholas still remain?

    All best, Carol Myers
    St Nicholas Center

  2. The reply is a long time coming (already replied to Carol via email long, long ago) but St Nicholas we were, we are, and we ever shall be.