A Different Kind Enthusiasm Gap

It’s sad to see this story, but there is hope. A good friend of the webmistress is a very committed Catholic who made sure, on a recent visit by train to the Chicago area, to attend mass at Old St Patrick’s as soon as she arrived at Union Station. Attending Mass, to her and many Catholics, is as necessary as air, water, food, and shelter. She got what she needed then, but she wasn’t staying long enough to attend church with me at St Nicholas. Many of our parishioners are former Catholics, who are getting what they need, too. I wonder what she would have made of the experience?

Chicago-area Catholics mostly approve of the pope, their cardinal and their parish priest, but they don’t like being told how to conduct their sex lives and they find the Sunday mass deadly dull, best-selling author and former Chicago Sun-Times columnist Andrew Greeley writes in his latest and final book.

Via Greeley book: Catholics lack enthusiasm for mass :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Books

and also via The Lead

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