The St. Nicholas Community Outreach Team Needs Your Help

From this week’s News from Nick, an important request from the Outreach Team:

As many of you know, the St. Nicholas Community Outreach Team was recently formed, and has been working toward increasing our visibility within the community at large. Our ultimate goal is to increase membership and attendance both from without and within. We are encouraged to continue growing the energy of the congregation, involving all of you in strengthening and improving our wonderful St.Nick’s.

Welcome To St Nicholas

We hope you were as excited about the Welcome Table (our first undertaking) as we were to get it off the ground. Please wear those beautiful badges proudly. It’s a great way to get to know one another better! Even our children were anxious to wear theirs’ last weekend.

Newcomers will be wearing a handwritten badge in RED for a visit or two. Please make them welcome by showing them around, answering any questions they may have, and generally just being your cordial selves. Let them know this is their home too!

Additionally, we are asking you to keep your eyes and ears open to any venues (fairs, conferences, speaking occasions, parade opportunities, etc.) in which St. Nick’s can participate.

Occasionally, we will seek volunteers to post flyers in visible locations, inviting the public to worship with us or informing them of special events. One of the major goals you have verbalized is to increase membership. We will do all we can on our end, but we really need your support and physical help.

Thanks in advance!!!

We look forward to working with all of you.

(Contact the Outreach Team: Bob De Haven, Paul Swanson, Ginny Gibbs, Hal Stratton, and Jan Tossman)

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