Good Friday Liturgy 7pm Tonight March 29: Behold The Wood Of The Cross

From the Triduum Service booklet, which covers all three holiest days of Holy Week, as the services are considered one long, unbroken vigil:

Night Cross400

The Veneration of the Cross

The presider, accompanied by acolytes, leaves the worship space and returns in procession with a veiled cross, flanked by candles, into the sanctuary. It is brought through the church to the middle of the sanctuary. There, three times the presider unveils part of the cross, singing “This is the wood of the cross,” raises it, and all kneel in silence.

All are invited forward to venerate the cross. The presider approaches first, then othes may come forward, showing reverence to the cross by a genuflection, a kiss, a bow, or some other sign. Some may feel moved to remove their shoes before approaching the cross, which we recall the words of God to Moses, who tells him to remove the sandals from his feet for he is standing on holy ground. (Exodus 3:5).

The Good Friday liturgy at St Nicholas is one of the most solemn (if not THE most solemn) night services of the church year. There is almost no music – this year, no choral pieces although there will be piano and flute music offered.

All are welcome to join us in worship on this most holy Good Friday.

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