OFFICIAL! Father Manny Is Our New Vicar!!

Bulletin showing Father Manny's title changed to "Vicar"

It was announced today – the timing was rather sly as Hal Stratton stepped up just as the normal “let us go out into the world” prayer concluded and before Father Manny could begin the second, “during this time of transition” prayer we’ve adopted during our interim (between pastors) period. Senior Warden Pat Kalicki was already in place, as she acts as crucifer and acolyte most Sundays.

We did not say that transitional prayer, because Hal announced that the Search Committee’s hard work had finally been brought to an end (after explaining why it was a lengthy process). Then Pat was able to conclude with the official announcement that Father Manuel Borg has been called by St Nicholas Episcopal Church, and he has accepted the call.

Papers have been signed, all that remains is for Father Manny to have a sit-down with Bishop Jeffrey Lee.

Pat had been clever enough to slip a spoiler announcement onto the cover of the bulletin; as recently as last night’s Saturday Eucharist service, the bulletins gave Father Manny’s title as “Transitional Minister.” Only a couple of people noticed this morning, but the announcement was a resounding and joyful surprise to almost everybody.

And there was much rejoicing (also, not a little whooping and applauding).

It’s been a long process, but we’re looking forward, literally, with Father Manny as our vicar.

(updated to fix a couple of issues with the text and image)
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