UPDATED: Top Ten Reasons Men Give For Not Going To Church.

This is an old post from before the merger between Holy Innocents and St Nicholas, but it still gets “hits” and is worth repeating in the days before Super Bowl Sunday..

The following list is courtesy of the Rev. Steven C. Rice, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Waynesboro GA. Do you know someone who gives one of these reasons?

The following list comes from a book reviewed in the Augusta Chronicle on June 18. The book is called (not surprisingly) “Why Men Hate Going to Church” by David Murrow. The Top Ten…Letterman style:

10. I don’t have time
9. Church just doesn’t work for me
8. It’s boring
7. It’s irrelevant to my life
6. I don’t like the pastor
5. I don’t want to talk about it
4. It’s too long
3. They ask for money too much
2. It’s for wimps
1. There are too many hypocrites there

Now, if we were to install a drive-through window along one side of the church, with salvation Happy Meals to go (large drink extra), we might be on to something, because that would neutralize answers 10, 8, 4, 3, and 1 for certain and might take care of some of the others, too.

UPDATED to add: With Father Manny now on board, we can probably take reasons 6 and 8 off, especially if you are a football fan. The vicar of St Nicholas is a fervent sports fan and has the Giants up by 3 in the Super Bowl.

There was talk of hauling the big screen TV out and getting the Pre-game festivities on for coffee hour, though cooler heads may have prevailed.

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