Healing Services During Lent

Chrism Oil and Paschal Candle at the consecration of Bishop Jeffrey D Lee of Chicago

We are fortunate to have in our community the Revs. Tony and Fran Begonja, members of the Order of St. Luke. They will be providing us the gift of Healing Prayers and blessings during the Lenten Season. Each Saturday in Lent and the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays in Lent, both Tony and Fran will administer and share Healing Prayers for any and all who wish to share in the resorative powers of prayer. Whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual, the Spirit will be invoked and prayers and blessings will be offered. The blessings will take place as part of the Liturgy of the Eucharist at the Saturday 4:30pm Liturgy and the 10am Sunday Liturgy: participants are invited, after receing Holy Communion, to proceed to the Baptismal Font where the blessings will take place. Celebrate the sacred season of Lent with this most blessed of sacramental gifts. All are invited and this gift may be received as often as one wishes.

via News from St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

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