Easter Videos Just In Time for Advent… Watch For “Christmas Wishes” To Come!

Our Video page will be updated on a much more regular basis, thanks to the work of videographer Carol Payne. We have channels at YouTube, and also at Vimeo.

First up: Father Paul T Brouillette preaching at Easter Sunday 2010 (based on his reference to Father Steve Martz, who can be heard laughing in the background).

Father Paul ran many races, but sadly his race against a long-standing illness ended this year. We miss him and his talents greatly at St Nicholas. Not only was he a great and thought-provoking preacher, he was a talented guitar and banjo player. He was accustomed to singing the Exultet at the Easter Vigil (the Saturday night service that is the main celebration of Easter at St Nicholas) together with a few choir members. And he was also the featured guitar player at the singing of “Silent Night” at the end of every Christmas Eve service for the last few years. This year will be the first year without him. We hope his family and friends find comfort in this video, which they may not have known existed.

This next video shows Father Manny at the altar, doing the Eucharist (communion) part of the service on Easter Sunday 2012. That was Manny’s second Easter Sunday at St Nicholas, but his first as the vicar and not interim minister.

Father Manny welcomes ALL to the altar. He’s assisted by Valerie Gruenwald and her daughter Rose, who looked very beautiful in her Easter Sunday dress. As you can tell by the soundtrack, a lot of families with young children attend this service.

Look for more frequent uploads and updates – there are more videos with music, and “Christmas Wishes” videos from St Nicholas parishioners.

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