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May 27-June 6, 2010

Where did our prayer list go?

Beginning in June, we will publish a monthly prayer list while picking up any new prayers or pastoral needs in the weekly edition.

One Bread, One Body will remain weekly, but will be more concise and readable. Let us know what you think.




mem day 3

A time to remember all who have given selflessly in service of our country, and especially to remember those who have sacrificed their lives.


May 27-31

Thursday, May 27

Noon AA meeting

7 pm GA meeting

Friday, May 28

Noon AA meeting

Saturday, May 29

1 pm AA meeting
8:30 pm AA meeting

Sunday, May 30

Happy Memorial Day

9 & 11 am Worship
7:30 pm AA meeting

Monday, May 31

Noon AA meeting
7 pm AA meeting

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mem day 2

trinity 1

Jesus said to the disciples,
“I still have many things to say to you,
but you cannot bear them now.
When the Spirit of truth comes,
he will guide you into all the truth.

— from the gospel of John

This Week’s News

Belated congratulations…
…to Emma Santana and Patrick Brouillette, who were married at St. Nicholas on May 15 by Pat’s father, our very own Paul Brouillette.

Congratulations as well…
…to the bishop elect of Utah, Chicago’s very own Scott Hayashi. Scott is currently serving as canon to the ordinary here in Chicago a post he has held for the past five years. His consecration as the 11th Bishop of Utah — in which he previously had served as a parish rector — will be on November 6.

Food Pantry update
Thanks to Paul Brouillette, Bob Kalicki, Mike Mydill, Jay O’Reilly, and Manny Borg for traveling to Romeoville and/or unloading two vanloads of food on May 25.
Meanwhile, Bob Kalicki reports that we have urgent need for these items for our next Pantry date, which in June 2:

  • canned corn
  • apple juice
  • spaghetti sauce
If you can bring some of these on Sunday, May 30, our patrons will eat better the following weeks. Thanks!!

Mark your calendar for 6.6

On Sunday, June 6, we’ll hold a parish meeting after the 11 a.m. liturgy. Rather than meet as a parish only for the canonically required annual meeting in January, we try to meet several other times during the year. This meeting will conduct a bit of business, include a potluck, and give us a chance to talk about how we can welcome newcomers to St. Nicholas — especially during the Fall season.
Celebrating fathers
As our celebration of mothers concludes, Manny is inviting us next to celebrate fathers during June. If you’d like, bring a photo of your father — or of anyone who has been like a father to you — and place it on the table set aside for photos.

Signs & Wonders


Steve Martz
I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough farewells for a while. Of course I am terribly excited for Deb Seles as she heads toward Idaho to become rector of a parish in Twin Falls, and I am delighted for Ethan Jewett as he officially leaves St. Nicholas to take the next steps in his journey toward ordination.

But I shall miss them both a great deal. They are two incredibly wonderful human beings and I have felt graced by their presence in my life. As I said at Deb’s farewell May 16, she is one of those people who were here before I came in 1995, and she and her late husband Emory were much involved in the early days of seeking to rebuild St. Nicholas.
Those were special years in my own life as, full of enthusiasm — and even greater naivete — I embarked upon the great adventure of parish ministry for the first time. Of course, I did a lot of dumb things — and a few good ones — and Deb was a kind witness to them all.

One of the most enjoyable memories of those years was shepherding her through the initial stages of her discernment process and helping in some small ways to set her on the road that now leads to Twin Falls. I could never have imagined that our conversations would eventually lead her to the edge of the desert. Our God is indeed a God of surprises!

* * *
As I said May 23, what I have appreciated so much about Ethan is the way our minds and our-push-the-boundary theologies came together and made so much possible during the last six years.
I think one of my strengths for parish ministry is that I truly am able to enjoy each person who is part of this community. It is rare for me, however, to have encountered, as I did in Ethan, someone whose theological orientation and way of seeing the world is so close to my own. It made for a unique gift to me in my parish work.
At our best, we fed each other’s imagination and made one another’s ideas and approaches much stronger. The work with Ethan, and also with Mary Anne, especially in 2007-2008, was stimulating and creative and downright fun.
So, yes, it is exciting and delightful that Deb and Ethan are setting forth on new paths. But it is also, for me personally, difficult to bid them farewell. I can only hope — and trust that those goodbyes will be more than balanced in the years ahead by wonderful people to whom I — and we — will say hello.


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