Ingredients for Church Growth: More To Ponder For Strategic Plan

At St Nicholas, we’re working on a Strategic Plan, but the core ideas that are aiding growth for us are much like these. It’s good to have them in one place… also, according to comments, it helps if Episcopal priest-blogger Scott Gunn is a guest preacher. St Nicholas is very easily reached from O’Hare!

For me, growth comes down to a passion for sharing the Gospel of Christ. We’re called to share this Good News with which we’ve been entrusted not horde it. And when we share the Gospel — boldly, radically, creatively — the church can’t help but grow!

So if sharing the Gospel is the key to church growth, the next logical question is what does it mean to share the Gospel?

  • It means looking outward, rather than exclusively inward.It means reaching out to others — the less fortunate and those in need.
  • It means communicating in creative ways beyond the four walls of the church building.
  • It means flinging open the doors to welcome people and being intentional about incorporating them into the life of the parish.
  • It means thinking entrepreneurially about liturgical alternatives to Sunday morning worship that may look and feel and sound different but still reflect the core values of the community.
  • It means preaching engaging sermons that connect and relate rather than judge and deny.
  • It means music that uplifts and inspires.It means listening for the still, small voice within rather than cowing to the anxiety-ridden, strident voice without.
  • It means leaving room for questions and mystery rather than providing simplistic answers.It means joyfully inviting people to partake in the peace of Christ that passes all understanding.

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