Flourish in Faith: Pledge Drive, Episcopal Style

Flourish In Faith Tree

Our sincere thanks to all who have turned in 2014 pledge cards thus far. Please know that pledge cards may still be turned in. All cards, along with the bread and wine will be processed in at the weekend Liturgies as a sign of thanksgiving and appreciation.

We are mindful and most considerate that not all are able to financially support our church and we appreciate the sacrifices that are made by so many.

There are others ways to support St. Nicholas: the Giving Tree, helping out by hosting Coffee Hour on Sundays, baking communion bread for our weekend Liturgies; pitching in to help keep the church/hall clean and orderly, helping with Children’s Formation, preaching, lecturing , joining the choir, sharing in Bible Study, joining the Book Club, helping with the Food Pantry on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month…so many opportunities to help grow our church.

And know how grateful and sincerely thankful I am for the kindness, generosity and faithfulness shared by so many on behalf of this, our
Community of St. Nicholas.

God bless, one and all.



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