Shout-Outs – Chili Supper A Success

Thank You

Thank you to all who made our Chilly? Chili! Supper a success, and a fun evening! Although the weather was cold, our hearts were warm and the raffle tickets were going like hotcakes…

To Jeff Westerheide and Vince Ortero who donated their time, food supplies and put their culinary skills to work and dished up some mighty good chili…and every tummy says thank you so much!

To Colleen and George Davy who sweetened things out with their donation of ice cream…the perfect topping to the Chili Supper.

To LeWayne, Earl and Eason Williams who made sure things were “just right” by setting up tables, chairs, washing windows and spiffying-up the bathrooms…you are some thing else, truly!

To Val Gruenwald, Penny and Hank Mandziara and Paulie Tamaski who prepared gift baskets, wrapped gifts, made sure “this goes here and that goes there” and were “johnny-on-the-spot” with their skills and sharing!

To Mindy and Mike Golden, the Tamaski family, the Williams family, Hal and Steve, Douglas, and even a few visitors who stuck around and helped clean up the Hall…a job well done to one and all.

To Jessica and Donna Tamaski who, yet again, did a super-duper job making this year’s Chili Supper another fun and successful occasion.

To our community members of St. Nicholas who provided specially-prepared gift baskets…such loving touches and all greatly appreciated.

To all the stores, restaurants and generous donors who pitched in and shared their wares with us and helped make the Chili Supper Raffle a fun and enjoyable time. And the winning number is…

To all who did so much to help make our 4th Annual St. Nicholas Chili Supper such a wonderful success…those who chopped onions, set up tables, cleaned the Hall, put things back in order and to everyone who came, ate and shared their evening with St. Nicholas…a great community in action and all for God’s greater glory. Amen.

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