Stations of the Cross Begins Thursday March 13 at 6pm


Lent is such a unique and wonderful time. We are afforded these 40 days to pray, to meditate and to move “inwardly” and separate ourselves, for just a while, from the business of the day-to-day grind and place ourselves in the presence of the Creator and God’s son.

We are invited to delve deeper into private prayer, to immerse ourselves in some well-deserved and well-appreciated silence, too.

Equally, we are invited to pray, as a community. One of the oldest and most beloved form of prayer is the Stations of the Cross. All are invited to traverse the path with Jesus; from the garden to the cross.

We will gather on Thursday evenings at the church at 6pm, starting March 13th until Thursday, April 10th.

Come, pray and feel the Lord’s presence…He is waiting of us.

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