Prayers of the People


The Community of St. Nicholas is praying…
For our Connie N., and “Aunti” Pat, Donna T’s sister as they both continue to recover from recent surgery. Pray they heal completely, recover quickly and are able to up and around very soon.

For those who are soon to be baptized here at St. Nicholas: Cora and Angela: pray the Spirit fill them with an abundance of grace, joy and faith.

For the people of the world that are subjected to war and violence on a daily basis: pray peace come to them and stays.

For our beloved pets and all God’s creatures that are exposed to the cruel weather of winter: pray they are cared for and protected.

For all our St. Nicholas community members who are under the weather and in need of healing and prayers: may they find peace and be blessed with sound and better health: Joanne M, Kesha, Vernon, Dick and Mary G, Eunice D, Bob D, K.C., Dick D, Dale R, Paula O, Jim L, Jackie, Chris, Cathy W, Carrie and any one else in need of our continued prayers and well wishes.

*** “Pray for Eli.”

(***written prayer requests)

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