Shout Outs

Thank You125

To Connie Nicholson and Marilyn Brown who endured heat, bugs and monster weeds as they continued to work their magic on the front and south side gardens.  You are amazing!

To the Williams Family: Earl, LaWayne, Tameica and Eason who once again made our church bathrooms sparkle and shine…great work, dear friends and many thanks from us all.

To those who helped out at Little Boots Rodeo and braved the salty and smelly oyster water:  you all represented St. Nicholas so admirably and with such grace and style.  Pat Kalicki, Tess, Neal, Jillian and Shannon Setchell, Penny and Hank Mandziara and Douglas VanHouten . . . Thank you, one and all.

To Cherryl Holt who shared information and her wonderful company with us last weekend:  thank you for the material regarding the Lay Chaplaincy Program and your kind and encouraging words.  May your ministry flourish as many others become part of this very important work.

To those who contribute to our food pantry, who purchase copier paper, coffee and other supplies used daily at our church…your kindness and generosity is so warmly and greatly appreciated.


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