Shout Outs: Hard Work or Hardly Working


Thank You125

To Neal Setchell for cutting up those nasty Juniper bushes into manageable pieces…way to go, brother, great work.

To Ron Malecek who will haul away the bushes and shrubs that have been pulled out of the south side gardens.  Your kindness is so appreciated.  Thanks!

To the Dynamic Duo of LaWayne and Earl Williams who cleaned the Hall, Gathering Space and facilities until all was shinning bright.  You two are blessed…thank you a million times over!

To Connie Nicholas who was at it again…hands deep in the soil, pruning and weeding those amazing gardens at church…your green thumbs are awesome!

To everyone who endured the chilly temps and loud music and enjoyed the Mt. Prospect Oktoberfest.  Special thanks to our Claudia Boyle who organized this St. Nicholas gathering…great work and a great time had by all!  Prost!

Are you ready for some… Bible Study?!!


The Fun Starts Up Again October 5
Bible Study continues after the 10AM service. Please consider joining in the scriptural and spiritual conversation. Last season’s Islam and Christianity study was fascinating and certainly inspired lively conversation. We began our program on Sunday, October 5th after the 10am Liturgy. Join us as we delve into Sacred Scripture, engage in our relationship with Jesus and study how we understand and interpret the Bible. All are welcome.

Shout-Out and Celebrate

Thank You150

To Bob DeHaven, who admirably filled in and provided us music for our Sunday worship last week. Thanks, Bob!

To our Bishop’s Committee and the energy and drive shown at our meeting last Sunday…blessings to all for the amazing work.

To all who give so much of themselves in order to make St. Nicholas grow and thrive.

To those who share their treasures with us. God knows of your kindness and we are all most grateful.