Like To Decorate? Help Us Create The Angel Tree 2014


It’s almost time…the great feast of the Nativity is almost upon us. So, it’s time we get the church ready.

On Sunday, December 21st after the 10am Liturgy, we invite everyone to stick around and help put up the rather large Angel Tree and all the decorations. Bring along some snacks if you’d like. All are welcome to share in the fun.

Shout-Out and Celebrate

Thank You150

To Bob DeHaven, who admirably filled in and provided us music for our Sunday worship last week. Thanks, Bob!

To our Bishop’s Committee and the energy and drive shown at our meeting last Sunday…blessings to all for the amazing work.

To all who give so much of themselves in order to make St. Nicholas grow and thrive.

To those who share their treasures with us. God knows of your kindness and we are all most grateful.


Stations of the Cross Thursdays in Lent at 6pm


Equally, we are invited to pray, as a community. One of the oldest and most beloved form of prayer is the Stations of the Cross. All are invited to traverse the path with Jesus; from the garden to the cross.

We will gather on Thursday evenings at the church at 6pm, starting March 13th until Thursday, April 10th.

Come, pray and feel the Lord’s presence…He is waiting of us.