Backpack and Animal Blessing Saturday 03OCT & Sunday 04OCT

Backpack and Pet Blessing

Bring your backpack and your pets to share in the blessings and joy!

Now that school is back in full force, why not make sure we send our little scholars out with something extra special? On Saturday, October 3rd and again on Sunday, October 4th, we will bless all backpacks and any other such carrying cases.

Far be it from us to forget our beloved pets. To honor and celebrate the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, who found such joy in God’s creatures, we, too, will celebrate our pets with a special blessing.

Parents: make sure your kids bring their backpacks and pets. Kids: remind your folks so they don’t forget to remind you!

Any time we can share in a blessing, well my friends, this is truly a good, right and holy thing.


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