Read and Inwardly Digest: City of God, by Sara Miles


Sara Miles will be the keynote speaker at Diocesan Convention, November 21 2014. You can get her new book City of God via this link, and give St Nicholas your support at the same time. If you’re curious about the Lenten “Ashes To Go” program that has become a visible ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, read this book…

Ash Wednesday Service 7pm March 5 – the original #AshesToGo in a church setting

Ashes in the form of a cross

All are invited to join us for Ash Wednesday service at 7:00PM on March 5th.

How might you get closer to God this Lent? How might we as members of this community be light to one another? To those around us?

Come and join us as we begin this most holy season.

[Editor: Father Manny has participated in the innovative Ashes to Go program for 2 years and will most likely be at the Cary Metra station on March 5, available to impose ashes on anyone who requests it during the morning commute]

Images:Father Manny’s Ashes To Go Wednesday

Father Manny’s picture has been around the Internets – even as far as a Parisian stock photo web site. As the images are probably under copyright with the AP and the Daily Herald, the link to the Ash Wednesday photos page is below. Father Manny’s pictures appear as number 2, 5, 13, and 17. His picture was also featured later that week in the “This Week in Pictures” page.

Link: Images: Ash Wednesday in the suburbs –