Get Ready, Set…! St Nick’s Knack’s Rummage Sale August 14 and 15

St Nicholas Episcopal's Nick's Knacks, a Rummage Sale

The clock is ticking…our annual rummage sale is just around the corner. There’s still room on the Sign-Up sheets for more names! All are welcome to pitch in.


We will be starting things off on August 2nd, Sunday, right after the 10am Liturgy. All items in the Noah’s Ark Space, the Gathering Space and the hallway near the bathrooms will go into the Hall in their proper places. Furniture will stay in the Gathering Space. Purses, shoes, luggage and outdoor items will stay in the Noah’s Ark Space. The Hall will be marked as to what goes where. Holiday items for example, will go on the wooden cabinets near the kitchen. The tables along the west wall will be for books, electronics and entertainment, clothing will go on the tables on the north side, 3 rows of tables running north and south will hold kitchen items, glassware, general merchandise and so forth. The Parish Office will be the Boutique/Antique Room.

Pricing and organizing can take place during the two weeks prior to the sale. However, starting Aug. 10th, Monday, we will get down to the nitty-gritty of making sure everything is organized and ready to go.

Let’s make this sale even better than our previous sales. Friday, August 14, 9am – 7pm and Saturday, August 15, 9am – 3pm. 4:30 Service follows in church. Ready, set….

Upcoming Events in August – Family Fun and RUMMAGE SALE

The Trouble With Angels, starring Rosalind Russel and Hailey Mills

Come one, come all. In August, we will have three scheduled, community gatherings. On August 3rd, Friday night, 6:30pm, we will have another Movie Night. This month’s feature film will be the 1966 hit, “The Trouble With Angels,” starring Rosalind Russell. Bring along some pop and munchies; your favorite sandwiches and pizza will be provided. The movie is rated “G” for General Audience and is certainly a fun family feature.

On August 17 and 18, a Friday and Saturday, we will hold our annual St. Nicholas Rummage Sale. We will definitely need “all hands on deck” for this event. Start gathering your unwanted items to bring in. Ideally, we ask donations to be brought in starting around August 1st. Holy Innocents Hall will be the site for the sale, which also spills out into the Gathering Space and into the office area. We will start setting up the Hall on Monday,
August 13th. Plan ahead to see if you have any time to help set up, assist at the sale and to help clear things out on Saturday afternoon. 4:30 Liturgy follows immediately after.

On August 31st, Friday night, 6:30pm, we will have a Crafts and Games Night. Bring your favorite craft to work on and perhaps teach others. Bring your domino set to play “train.” Depending if we have enough material, we can make more Prayer Blankets. Or, just bring along some munchies to share as we play, chit-chat and enjoy the company of one another. Coffee and cookies will be available, and if you’d like bring along some pizza, that’s fine, too.

Sign-up sheets will be posted to get an idea of how many to expect for the social gatherings and a volunteer sheet will be posted for the rummage sale. Remember, all are welcome.