Get Ready, Set…! St Nick’s Knack’s Rummage Sale August 14 and 15

St Nicholas Episcopal's Nick's Knacks, a Rummage Sale

The clock is ticking…our annual rummage sale is just around the corner. There’s still room on the Sign-Up sheets for more names! All are welcome to pitch in.


We will be starting things off on August 2nd, Sunday, right after the 10am Liturgy. All items in the Noah’s Ark Space, the Gathering Space and the hallway near the bathrooms will go into the Hall in their proper places. Furniture will stay in the Gathering Space. Purses, shoes, luggage and outdoor items will stay in the Noah’s Ark Space. The Hall will be marked as to what goes where. Holiday items for example, will go on the wooden cabinets near the kitchen. The tables along the west wall will be for books, electronics and entertainment, clothing will go on the tables on the north side, 3 rows of tables running north and south will hold kitchen items, glassware, general merchandise and so forth. The Parish Office will be the Boutique/Antique Room.

Pricing and organizing can take place during the two weeks prior to the sale. However, starting Aug. 10th, Monday, we will get down to the nitty-gritty of making sure everything is organized and ready to go.

Let’s make this sale even better than our previous sales. Friday, August 14, 9am – 7pm and Saturday, August 15, 9am – 3pm. 4:30 Service follows in church. Ready, set….

St Nick’s Knacks Rummage Sale August 16 and 17

Wonderful bargains and knick-knacks to treasure!

Wonderful bargains and knick-knacks to treasure!

Our St. Nick’s Knacks Annual Rummage Sale is just around the corner. We need as many of our community members to be involved in this endeavor as possible: to ensure a successful fundraiser and perhaps most importantly, to continue to build a stronger and closer-knit community that worships together, works together and has a good time together.

We sure have a lot of great ‘stuff’ to sell. Now, we need the customers to flock in, buy and go home happy with their new-found treasures.

Here’s how YOU can help:

  • We need you to come early to church this Saturday, or stay after church this Sunday to begin setting up the sale.
  • We need you to sign up to help any day next week to set up the sale–we need pricers, cleaners, organizers. We also need to you to sign up for a time slot (or several!) during the sale. We simply can’t have too many volunteers. We’ll need cashiers, floorwalkers, and just general providers of hospitality.
  • We need more tables. The Support Groups use several of the long tables and that limits what we are able to use. Any folding table would work.
  • We need newspaper. Instead of recycling, (which is always the thing to do with old paper), please bring it to church this weekend and all next week. We will use that paper to wrap glass and fragile items purchased at the rummage sale.
  • We need plastic bags. After you’ve done your shopping at Jewel, Dominicks, Butera or wherever, please bring your used plastic and/or paper bags.
  • We need your stuff! If you have items to donate, please bring them in as soon as possible. If you have large items and no way to get them there, contact Manny and we’ll try and get some assistance for you.

Remember to join the event on Facebook, then invite friends to help spread the news and information regarding the rummage sale and the good name of St. Nicholas Episcopal Church. The more the news gets out, the bigger the crowd, the greater the prospects of a successful weekend fundraiser and more people who will come to know who we are and what a wonderful place St. Nicholas truly is!

That’s it for now. Thank you, one and all,for the amazing things accomplished on behalf of this, our Community of St. Nicholas.

God bless.